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The Traveling Wilbury Vol. 2
I'll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours

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long ass photosets

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white people bios be like:



Mackenzie. 15. Montana. Indie music. Welcome to a special part of my mind. I’m white but I identify as Spanish/Walgreens gift card. Sherlock. I follow back 🌸flower child🌸

i identify as a walgreens gift card
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Agile Beast
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The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel ripped from vinyl

Hello darkness my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again

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     “I got both of them from local shelters. When I got her in 2006, the staff told me she was a shepherd husky. I go to the dog park, I’m meeting people with shepherd husky mixes, and they look nothing like her. I get in my car, I’m driving, I look in the rearview mirror, I see these eyes and I’m like, I’ve got a wolf in my car. Then, when she was 10-months old, there was a shepherd breeder and trainer in the dog park, and at the end of the lesson, the trainer came up to me and asked, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ And I’m thinking, Shepherd husky. You should know, you are a breeder. She said, ‘That’s a wolf.’”  
Bethlehem, PA

Thats mildly hilarious
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Pretty sure last night was the most legendary I’ve ever had. I smoked cigarettes and drank with The Arctic Monkeys and Foster the People. Alex Turner let me fangirl, take selfies with him and kiss his cheek. I was THAT girl, and I’m 100 percent okay with it.
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Alex Turner at Sonic Boom by Barnabas Siwila
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i wouldn’t even want to see this face on my worst enemies 



I’m still upset look at his little face

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